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Problem Collection for Iberoamerican Mathematical Olympiad

History and System

The Iberoamerican Mathematical Olympiad (IbMO) is a mathematical competition for high-school students from Latin America and Iberian peninsula. It is held annually. The first IbMO was held in 1985 in December, but the next one was held in January 1987, and in the consequent years the competition gradually moved to September.

The Competition and Awards

The competition is organized in the IMO format, with six problems in two days and each problem being worth 7 points. The distribution of awards also resembles that of the IMO.


The total number of available problems is 120.

Year IbMOl
1985 IbMOl
1986 IbMOl
1987 IbMOl
1988 IbMOl
1989 IbMOl
1990 IbMOl
1991 IbMOl
1992 IbMOl
1993 IbMOl
Year IbMOl
1994 IbMOl
1995 IbMOl
1996 IbMOl
1997 IbMOl
1998 IbMOl
1999 IbMOl
2000 IbMOl
2001 IbMOl
2002 IbMOl
Year IbMOl
2003 IbMOl
2004 IbMOl
2005 IbMOl
2006 IbMOl
2007 IbMOl
2008 IbMOl
2009 IbMOl
2010 IbMOl