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Problem Collection for Japan

History and System

The Japanese Mathematical Olympiad was officially established in 1991, although a contest of the same format was also held in 1990 as the IMO team selection test. It is regularly held in two rounds. The first round takes part in January and consists of a set of 12 shorter problems which are to be answered without presenting the work; the final round, held on a national holiday on February 11, consists of five problems.

Japan at International Competitions

Japan has participated at IMO since 1990. In the recent history the best success of the team at IMO is the 6-th place in 2007.


The total number of available problems is 90.

Year MO Final
1990 MO Final
1991 MO Final
1992 MO Final
1993 MO Final
1994 MO Final
1995 MO Final
1996 MO Final
Year MO Final
1997 MO Final
1998 MO Final
1999 MO Final
2000 MO Final
2001 MO Final
2002 MO Final
2003 MO Final
Year MO Final
2004 MO Final
2005 MO Final
2006 MO Final
2007 MO Final
2008 MO Final
2009 MO Final

Thanks to Viktor Dremov for helping us correct formulations to many of the problems.