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Problem Collection for Taiwan

History and System

A math competition season in Taiwan consists of the winter camp (held in January), Asian-Pacific MO (in March), and the Taiwanese MO (in April or May). The Taiwanese MO was established in 1992, and serves also as a final selection test for the IMO team. Students who take part on it are those who performed well on the previous two contests.

Taiwan at International Competitions

Taiwan has participated at IMO since 1992. In the recent history the best success of the team at IMO is the 3-rd place in 2014.


The total number of available problems is 69.

Year Twn MO
1992 Twn MO
1993 Twn MO
1994 Twn MO
1995 Twn MO
1996 Twn MO
Year Twn MO
1997 Twn MO
1998 Twn MO
1999 Twn MO
2000 Twn MO
2001 Twn MO
Year Twn MO
2002 Twn MO
2003 Twn MO
2004 Twn MO
2005 Twn MO