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Problem Collection for Hungary-Israel Binational Mathematical Competition

History and System

The competition has been established in 1990. The participating countries are (obviously) Hungary and Israel, one of them being the host. The competition itself is held on early spring and normally has two parts: the individual, nowadays consisting of six problems in two days (until 1996, only four), and the team contest, consisting of five to seven thematic problems.


The total number of available problems is 106.

Year H-I MC
1990 H-I MC
1991 H-I MC
1992 H-I MC
1993 H-I MC
1994 H-I MC
1995 H-I MC
1996 H-I MC
Year H-I MC
1997 H-I MC
1998 H-I MC
1999 H-I MC
2000 H-I MC
2001 H-I MC
2002 H-I MC
2003 H-I MC
Year H-I MC
2004 H-I MC
2005 H-I MC
2006 H-I MC
2007 H-I MC
2008 H-I MC
2009 H-I MC