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Problem Collection for Baltic Way Mathematical Olympiad

History and System

The Baltic Way is a team competition of students from countries which have a coast to Baltic Sea. Iceland also takes part for a political reason. The competition was established in 1990 and is held every year in fall. The contest consists of 20 problems to be solved in 4 hours.


The total number of available problems is 280.

Year BW
1990 BW
1991 BW
1992 BW
1993 BW
1994 BW
1995 BW
1996 BW
Year BW
1997 BW
1998 BW
1999 BW
2000 BW
2001 BW
2002 BW
Year BW
2003 BW
2004 BW
2005 BW
2006 BW
2007 BW
2008 BW