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Problem Collection for Norway

History and System

The competitions in Norway started in 1921 but was discontinued in mid 1970s. The competition got today’s format in 1985. The Niels Henrik Abels mathematical competition is held in three rounds. The first consists of 20 multiple-choice questions, the second round has 10 problems to which the students have to provide final answer (an integer between 0 and 999), and the final round consists of 4 olympiad-style problems. More information can be found on the official page.

Norway at International Competitions

Students from Norway regularly participate at the International Mathematical Olympiad, The Nordic Mathematical Competition and the Baltic Way.


The total number of available problems is 32.

Year MO Final
1985 MO Final
1986 MO Final
1987 MO Final
1988 MO Final
1989 MO Final
1990 MO Final
1991 MO Final
1992 MO Final
Year MO Final
1993 MO Final
1994 MO Final
1995 MO Final
1996 MO Final
1997 MO Final
1998 MO Final
1999 MO Final
2000 MO Final
Year MO Final
2001 MO Final
2002 MO Final
2003 MO Final
2004 MO Final
2005 MO Final
2006 MO Final
2007 MO Final
2008 MO Final