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Problem Collection for Bosnia and Herzegovina

History and System

Mathematical competitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been held since 1956, when it was a part of former Yugoslavia. For a few years after gaining independence (1992), mathematical competitions were being held separately in the two entities, until the National Mathematical Olympiad was established in 1996. The competitions in the entities now serve as qualificational rounds. The national MO is organized in the IMO format.

Bosnia and Herzegovina at International Competitions

Bosnia and Herzegovina has participated at the IMO since 1993. In the recent history the best success of the team at an IMO was the 29-th place in 2000. They are also a member country of the Balkan MO, although only once did they take part there. The team is selected directly through the national olympiad.


The total number of available problems is 66.

Year National MO
1996 National MO
1997 National MO
1998 National MO
1999 National MO
2000 National MO
Year National MO
2001 National MO
2002 National MO
2003 National MO
2004 National MO
2005 National MO
Year National MO
2006 National MO
2007 National MO
2008 National MO
2009 National MO