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Problem Collection for Belgium

History and System

Mathematical competitions in Belgium are held separately in each entity: French (Olympiade Mathematique Belge = Belgian Mathematical Olympiad, OMB) and Flamish/Dutch (Flanders Mathematical Olympiad, FMO). The OMB is held in a few rounds, the last of which (final) is divided into three levels - mini, midi, maxi (we don’t know whether this division is with respect to age or type of school), with four problems for each. The FMO consists of three rounds, where the first two are sets of multiple choice questions, while the final consists of four problems.

Belgium at International Competitions

Belgium participates at the IMO since 1969. Apparently, three best contestants on the final contest in each entity qualify for the IMO team. The best success of Belgium at the IMO was the 31-st place in 1996.


The total number of available problems is 64.

Year FO
1986 FO
1987 FO
1988 FO
1989 FO
1990 FO
1991 FO
1992 FO
1993 FO
Year FO
1994 FO
1995 FO
1996 FO
1997 FO
1998 FO
1999 FO
2000 FO
2001 FO
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