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Problem Collection for Hong Kong

History and System

The Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad has been held since 1998. It is usually held in December and consists of four problems to be solved in four hours.

Hong Kong at International Competitions

Hong Kong participates at IMO since 1988 and at Asian-Pacific MO. The IMO team is selected through selection tests that seem to be independent from the national MO. In the recent history the best success of the team at the IMO was the 17-th place in 2005.


The total number of available problems is 36.

Year MO Final
1998 MO Final
1999 MO Final
2000 MO Final
2001 MO Final
Year MO Final
2002 MO Final
2003 MO Final
2004 MO Final
2005 MO Final
Year MO Final
2006 MO Final
2007 MO Final
2008 MO Final
2009 MO Final