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Mathematical Competitions in Serbia

Competitions in mathematics play an important role in discovery and education of talented students. They include interesting and non-standard problems that require analytical thinking and creativity. Training and participation in competitions bring challenge and intellectual stimulation that gifted students can rarely find in regular school activities.

This website is about high school mathematical competitions. Here you will find:

  • General information and problems from competitions in Serbia.

    For more problems from around the world we recommend our international web site imomath.com. It is rather huge - it safely qualifies into top 3 databases of olympiad problems.

  • Training materials - mostly in Serbian, see if you can understand.

  • Forum and some other stuff.
Updates on this English version tend to be delayed (better late than never), so you may also want to check the Serbian version which is updated regularly.

Latest Updates
(31.03.2015.) The Serbian Mathematical Olympiad was held on the 27th and 28th of March. The problems are available here.

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