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Problem Collection for Mediterranean Mathematical Competition

History and System

Mediterranean Mathematical Competition, also known as Peter O’Halloran Memorial, is a competition of high school students from countries which either have a Mediterranean coast or are adjacent to one such country. However, many countries that satisfy this condition do not yet participate. The competition was established in 1998 and, apart from the initial year, it consists of 4 problems for 4 hours. It is held separately in each country and not everywhere at the same date, usually in early spring. Thanks to Francisco Bellot Rosado from Spain, the founder and organizer of the competition, for a note on the name and the system of the competition.


The total number of available problems is 39.

Year Med MC
1998 Med MC
1999 Med MC
2000 Med MC
2001 Med MC
Year Med MC
2002 Med MC
2003 Med MC
2004 Med MC
2005 Med MC
Year Med MC
2006 Med MC
2007 Med MC
2008 Med MC
2009 Med MC