The IMO Compendium and

The IMO Compendium was initially a project to collect and assemble the old manuscripts that IMO committees used in selecting the problems. It started in 2003, and after two years when the book was finished, we started the continuous development of this web site. It now includes preparation materials and problems from other competitions and olympiads.

Dušan Djukić

Dušan Djukić (dusan(dot)djukic(at)utoronto(dot)ca), from the University of Belgrade. As a high school student he won 1 gold and 2 silver medals at the IMOs. He participated at numerous IMOs later as a deputy leader of Serbian team. He is the author of numerous problems, a few of which ended up in shortlists and IMOs.

Vladimir Janković

Vladimir Janković (vjankovic(at)matf(dot)bg(dot)ac(dot)rs), professor at the University of Belgrade. As a high school student he won two silver medals at the IMO. He is a long-time lecturer at preparation of the olympic teams of Yugoslavia (S&M) and a co-author of a number of books on olympiad and advanced maths in Serbian language. His book "The IX and XIX IMO" can be regarded as the first step towards "The IMO Compendium". Thanks to him, who was storing old IMO shortlists and longlists for decades, these precious materials are not lost. These efforts ultimately made "The IMO Compendium" possible.

Ivan Matić

Ivan Matić (Ivan(dot)Matic(at)baruch(dot)cuny(dot)edu), associate professor at Baruch College, CUNY. During high school he won a silver medal at the IMO 1999. Over the past few years, his problem solving activities included teaching at Berkeley Math Circle, Canada/USA Mathcamp, Awesomemath summer program, and training the Duke Putnam Team.

Nikola Petrović

Nikola Petrović (nikola(dot)petrovic(at)qatar(dot)tamu(dot)edu), Texas A&M University at Qatar. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2003. During high school he took part at three IMOs (1997: silver, 1998: silver, 1999: bronze) and two Balkan MOs (1997: silver, 1998: silver). Now he is actively involved in math competitions and is an author of a number of problems at competitions in Serbia and Montenegro.

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