Past IMO Results

Database of past IMO results

We are trying to make the database as complete as possible and to provide data from all the past IMOs. However, we are aware that this may be an impossible mission. Namely, a lot of data has been definitely lost - especially those from earlier years - and all we can do is try to provide as much as we can collect. Any supplement, such as the names and/or medals/points of a particular country at a particular olympiad, will be much appreciated.

Some names may be misspelled or have missing accents. Mistakes in the results are also possible (hopefully not probable, though). Please report us which ever flaw you find - the number of mistakes is finite and will eventually be reduced to zero.

Joseph Myers started the project of assembilng the previous IMO results. His collection is always accurate and is maintained at this site. Joseph Myers was very kind to allow us to use his data. We were also helped by Mihai Anitescu (1986), Fokko van de Bult (NET), Gunter Döge (GDR), Jordan Ellenberg (USA), Xavier Gonze (BEL and LUX), Bodo Heise (GDR), Vilmos Komornik (HUN), Pavel Kröger (GDR), Vasile Patrascu (1974), and Jouni Seppänen (FIN). A database is also maintained at the official IMO site.

If you think there is an error in the scores, please compare the results in our database with results on the official site and Joseph Myers\( \prime \)collection, and please email us about what you found.

Information about past contestants

We would also like to collect the information about past IMO contestants. We are mostly interested in their previous and current jobs and links to their personal and professional websites. This information can be submitted and edited by the registered users. The users cannot edit the names and/or IMO scores. If there is an error in the name or the number of points, the administrators of this site have to manually correct it, so please do email us.

Here is the list of the contestants for whom we obtained data recently: Thế Hoàn Nguyễn, Thùy Dương Vương Nguyễn, Đăng Hưng Hồ Quốc, Tuấn Huy Phạm, Juan Pablo Garcia Garland, German Chiazzo, Mohammad Al-Adwani, Vedran Kasalica, Xavier Soriano, Ogunkola Opemipo Oladapo, Arkady Skopeakov, Boriana Gjura, Marios Papadopoulos, Francisco Ariel Verón Ferreira, Livio Fetahu

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