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Videos about Object Oriented Programming


The class CCAccount is created to model a Credit Card Account. It has attributes that correspond to the name of the customer, the balance on the account, and the list of all transactions on the account. This is a simplified example and we do not maintain the full transaction records such as date, time, and merchant. We only keep track of the amount of money during transactions.

The complete code after the first two videos is displayed below:

Video 1: Introduction. Attributes and methods. Private and public specifiers

Video 2: Constructor and destructor

Video 3: Copy assignment

Video 4: Copy constructor. Common memory leaks in copy assignments. Trouble with self-assignments

Video 5: Move assignment and move constructor

Lecture notes and complete code

The code created in these five videos can be accessed below.

The topics from the videos are also covered in the lecture notes Introduction to object oriented programming.