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Videos About Trees, Sets, and Maps


The solution to the problem from the video 2:

Video 1: Introduction to binary search trees and AVL trees

Video 2: Sets and Maps in C++

1. Problems

Problem 1. The node of the binary tree is defined in the following way
class TN{
    long content;
    TN* aLeft;
    TN* aRight;
The implementation of the function f is given below
long f(TN* a, long h){
        return 1;
    long c=a->content;
    return (c%10)+(h%2)*f(a->aLeft,h+1)+(c%2)*f(a->aRight,h+1);
Assume that aRoot is the pointer to the root of the tree

What is the result of the evaluation f(aRoot,3)? Provide a rigorous justification for your answer.

Problem 2. What happens when the number \(55\) is inserted in the following AVL tree? What is the resulting tree after all the rotations?