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MTH4140: Midterm 2 Practice 1

Problem 1

Prove that for every positive integer \(k\) there exists a graph \(G\) such that \(\chi(G)=\Delta(G)-k\).

Problem 2

Determine the chromatic polynomial of the graph below.

Problem 3

Determine the \(\chi(\mathcal G)\) for the graph \(\mathcal G\) below and a \(\chi(\mathcal G)\)-critical subgraph.

Problem 4

Let \(G_n=(V_n,E_n)\) be a graph where \(V_n=\{1,2,\dots, n\}\) and \(E_n\) is defined in the following way: \((i,j)\in E_n\) if and only if \(i+j\) is not divisible by \(3\). Find the chromatic number of \(G_n\).

Problem 5

Find all integers \(n\) for which there is a graph \(G\) such that \(\omega(G)=2\) and \(\chi(G)=n\).