MTH4300 (Fall 2022) Home



CodeLab is a web-service that offers accessible and easy exercises that will help you fully understand the material. You should practice problems on CodeLab always, but especially when you feel that you are having unusual difficulties with homework assignments. CodeLab will bring you back to speed and you will be in much better position to solve the homework problems.

CodeLab is free for MTH4300 students. You should set up your account and enroll in the correct CodeLab section as soon as the semester starts.


You first have to create a username and password on the website This is a procedure that involves 6 steps.


Once you are registered, you need to go through a procedure of 7 steps to enroll in the correct section.

Getting full access

CodeLab is generous to Baruch students. It gave us free access and you will not be asked to pay for anything. If you are only receiving free trial instead of full access, please let me know. We will ask for help.